The Project: General Information


Project Title:
"Conservation and management of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) in three Special Protection Areas (SPAs) of Greece"

Project code: LIFE11NAT/GR/001011

Budget: 1.957.410€

EC contribution: 1,465,057 € (75%) 

Duration: 01/06/2012 – 31/05/2016


Objective of the project:
The project aims to enable the creation of an effective and sustainable framework for the conservation of Lesser Kestrel in 3 Special Protection Areas of the Natura 2000 network, which support more than 75 % of the population of Lesser Kestrels in Greece and 6% of the European population, through the creation of a well- focused conservation policy, planning and implementation of specific actions required to ensure a positive trend of the Lesser Kestrel's population in the area.


Location of Project:


The project area includes three Special Protection Areas of the Natura 2000 network, namely:

Thessaly plain (Perioch Thessalikou Kampou - GR1420011)

Tzali NCC Landscape 10 Tzali NCC Landscape 9


Mount Maurovouni (Oros Marvrovouni - GR1420006)

Reservoirs area of former Lake Karla (Periochi Tamieftiron Proin Limnis Karlas - GR1430007)

Tzali NCC Landscape 1


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The Project is implemented by the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rigas Ferraios, the Management Body of the Eco-development Area of Lake Karla-Mavrovouniou-Kefalovrysou-Velestinou, the Hellenic Ornithological Society and the NCC Ltd, with the financial support of the European Commission

Coordinating beneficiary

Associated beneficiaries

Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλίας - Εργαστήριο Διαχείρισης Οικοσυστημάτων και Βιοποικιλότητας Δήμος Ρήγα ΦεραίουΦορέας Διαχείρισης Περιοχής Οικοανάπτυξης Κάρλας - Μαυροβουνίου - Κεφαλοβρύσου - ΒελεστίνουΕλληνική Ορνιθολογική ΕταιρείαNature Conservation Consultants